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Bredent – Fast and Fixed Implants

The problems caused by missing teeth can have significant effects on an individual’s life; what used to be done in unconscious and normal ways – such as smiling, eating, and speaking – can suddenly become very challenging or difficult tasks to manage, when teeth are lost. The search for quick solutions to missing teeth concerns may lead to the use of dentures, but the removable nature of dentures have the tendency to result to more problems (concerning comfort and fit) in the
long run.

Dental implants provide effective solutions for missing teeth problems; however, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of spending a few months without teeth while waiting for the implants to be fully healed – and before the teeth restorations can be placed. Traditional dental implants need to have a few months of healing period, before they can fully be integrated with the surrounding tissue – and before prosthetic teeth can be attached. Is there any other long-lasting missing teeth solution – but one that provides immediate benefits? Bredent Fast and Fixed implants provide those with missing teeth problems with a smile that they can immediately enjoy within the same day, with long-lasting and reliable results!

What are Bredent Fast and Fixed Implants?

Bredent Fast and Fixed is a dental implant system that provides those with most or all of their teeth missing with fixed teeth replacements (or prosthetic teeth), which can immediately be used and enjoyed within the same day that they are placed/loaded. The Bredent Fast & Fixed implants make it possible for missing teeth patients to have the full benefits of a dental implant system within a single day, giving them a brand new smile after just a few hours of the treatment time. Bredent Fast and Fixed Implants also provide reliable solutions to problems that are caused by loose or ill fitting dentures; the Fast & Fixed dental implants can effectively secure the dentures in place, so that the patient can say goodbye to embarrassing or uncomfortable situations with regards to the
loose dentures.

A Better Angle with Bredent Fast
& Fixed Implants

Bredent Fast & Fixed implants are uniquely designed in such a way that the abutments from the implants themselves are angled to fully utilise the patient’s existing jaw bone structure. The angled dental implant abutments also make it possible for the dental implant treatment to be carried out successfully without the need for more complicated procedures, such as bone grafting or sinus grafting procedures – making the whole treatment less expensive, and more comfortable, for the patient. Cases where the placement of dental implants can be very difficult to nearly impossible – because of the deterioration of the jaw bone structure – can successfully be fulfilled with the help of Bredent Fast and Fixed implants.

Advantages of Bredent Fast & Fixed Implants

Immediate Aesthetic and Functional Improvement – Bredent Fast & Fixed implants are loaded and attached to fixed teeth restorations (or prosthetic teeth replacements) within the same day, so there is no need to wait for a few months for the implants to fully be healed and integrated to the surrounding tissue – and no need to go through a period spanning a few months without teeth. The patient can go in the morning to the dentist’s clinic to start the Fast and Fixed implants treatment, and go home later during the day with a much improved (and fully functional) smile.

Existing Bone Structure Maximised – Bredent Fast and Fixed implants are designed to fully maximise the existing jaw bone structure that may have deteriorated, such as in cases when the patient has experienced untreated tooth loss for a long period of time. The design of the Fast and Fixed dental implants make it possible for the dental implant treatment to successfully be completed in cases when jaw bone structure has deteriorated, and without the need for more complicated (and more expensive) procedures such as bone grafting, or sinus grafting.

Long-Term Success and Comfort – The angled position of the Bredent Fast & Fixed implants attached to fixed teeth restorations guarantee long-term success and comfort to the patient, especially when compared to the problems that are associated with the use of removable dentures in the long run. And as the implants are placed and attached to prosthetic teeth within a single day, the patient can look forward to less discomfort (and less embarrassment) compared to waiting for traditional dental implants to be fully healed and attached to teeth restorations.

Cost-Effective Implants Treatment – The elimination of the need for more complicated bone grafting, or sinus grafting, procedures translates to a more cost-effective Fast and Fixed implants treatment. A shorter treatment period, along with fewer visits to the dentist, will provide patients with more savings on the overall expenses associated with a dental implant treatment.