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Periodontal Treatment (Root Planing)

The quality of our clinical work and patient care has always been our main priority, and we strive to achieve continuous improvement and excel in our operations. Our dedicated team is specialized in periodontal and reconstructive surgery, dental implants, periodontal medicine and oral hygiene services.

Your first visit

We thrive to provide the best periodontal treatment for our patients. By the time you have entered, we have worked with your general dentist to make sure the best service will be provided according to your needs.

After reviewing your health history with you, we start with a thorough oral examination and periodontal evaluation. If necessary x-rays will be taken. At the first appointment we will try to provide you with a general overview of the nature of your condition and the available treatment options. We explain to you the benefits and disadvantages of your different options, so that you could make an educated decision.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive periodontal treatment in a comfortable, safe and caring environment. We thrive to provide you the best service and we will never compromise the quality of our work.

What is root planing?

Root planing is a deep scaling to clean parts of teeth below the gum line which cannot be reached with a toothbrush.

Gums can become diseased so that they look red and puffy. They will probably bleed when you brush. Painless gum pockets start to form around the teeth and bone supporting the teeth is slowly lost.

Root planning cleans out these pockets and removes plaque and hard tartar from the tooth roots. It takes longer than a scale and polish and is often done under a local anaesthetic.

Root planing